Our humble beginnings came into force in 2003 as Powerful 4x4 after noticing a significant gap in the 4x4 industry; a lack of good-quality gear at affordable prices. At full speed, Wesimply began by designing and manufacturing simple and affordable roof racks.

Our distributors and customers are constantly punishing their vehicles through Australias beautiful outback on extreme corrugated roads with varying and unpredictable temperatures. We pride ourselves on physically testing every product to the conditions with our customers by our side. This gives us the opportunity to enhance product features and improve manufacturing processes.

Every year brought new challenges and experiences which gave us the opportunity to evolve in the industry. In 2006, we launched Rockarmor to push and expand our manufacturing capabilities. The dual rear wheel carrier, air-bag compliant bull bars and steel side steps are our premium products manufactured for any condition.

By mid-2018 the Rockarmor range had expanded to offer products for 75% of 4wd in Australia, in late that same year the Rockarmor Brand had taken over the long served and well-loved brand of Powerful4x4.